My intention for this website is to bring evidence based information to families expecting a baby. My intention for my blog is to share what I am learning while supporting families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. There are many places on the web to look for information. That is the cool part of our present life and the hard part. Even after four births of my own I still have things to learn about childbirth. 

After I took my training I reflected on my own births. I was well cared for by my husband and my doctor. I also was not given all my options. I loved my doctor and I never felt like he was out to do me harm. I still feel he was doing what he was trained to do and what he felt was right. I don’t think people go into the medical field to do harm. I wonder sometimes if they are trained to look at the whole person they are treating and not just the pregnancy.  I have had to work through some of my feelings about my births. When I talk about my births I get well at least you had a healthy baby. While that is very true I did have four very healthy babies, that is not all that is carried into motherhood. One persons perfect birth can be another persons awful one. Birth is a very personal and emotional passage into parenthood for both the birthing person and their support people. 

I intend to keep seeking out training/information so that I can bring up to date information and traditional labor support to my clients. This blog will be the place I come to share my thoughts as I continue down this path. My passion is to help women advocate for themselves and their families in the medical environment. I want to help parents find their strength and ability that they have within themselves so they can use that strength to raise their beautiful babies to adulthood. Birth is only the beginning.